22 de fevereiro de 2008


Sobre o Kosovo não tenho uma opinião formada; tenho é preocupações. Timothy Garton Ash (Comment is free - Guardian) discute a situação em This dependent independence is the least worst solution for Kosovo ". Como sempre, muito bom, o artigo.

Conclui: 'Kosovo is a special case,' says Kosovo's declaration of independence, going on to insist (hear the adviser's whisper again) that it is not a precedent. But all the 68 other Unpo members are special cases too. Liberals have universal rules for the treatment of individuals; they have always got in a tangle about groups - both about the position of groups inside a country (witness the debate around multiculturalism) and about which group is entitled to exercise the right of self-determination. They have no consistent answer to the nationalist's question: 'Why should I be a minority in your country when you could be a minority in mine?' Kosovo's declaration of dependent independence is the least worst way forward, but don't let us pretend it's not a precedent. Both statements are true: Kosovo is unique, and there will be more Kosovos."

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