31 de julho de 2011

Denegação e paradigmas

Muito interessante, ainda que nada animador. E não é nada animador porque a tese de que dificilmente se arranja uma solução (para as consequências do aquecimento global) no contexto descrito afigura-se-me muito próxima de uma correcta avaliação do que está em jogo. Menos interessante é o que se diz do que poderá ser feito.

[....] I think there is a level above all this.

I believe part of the meta-problem is this: people no longer inhabit a single reality. I mean people collectively and individually: collectively, there is no longer a single cultural arena of dialogue. We have the simulacrum of one, in the form of Question Time and governmental “Big Conversation” initiatives, but in reality we have fragmented off into a thousand little sub-sectors of paradigmatic dissension. Whilst there are all sorts of interesting cultural phenomena that fit this description, this relates most relevantly, in our terms, to the tear-jerking incomprehension of techno-scientists when faced with, for example, climate deniers. [....]

[....] "Anyway, what many techno-scientists fail to understand - and thus find most frustrating - about dealing with the deniers is that the denier has no real interest in engaging at the scientist’s level of reality. The disputed content is not really the issue; if they want, the deniers can always just fabricate an even more complicated and detailed response to the techno-scientist’s latest rebuttal, and the exchange simply becomes an arms race of who can put the most time and energy into producing copy that supports their own paradigm." [....]

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