9 de agosto de 2011

Marte: Opportunity abeira-se da cratera Endeavour

Opportunity Snaps Gorgeous Vistas nearing the Foothills of Giant Endeavour Crater|Universe Today

Martian Vista from Opportunity nearing Endeavour Crater on Sol 2678 - August 2011
Large ejecta blocks from the nearby, small Odyssey crater are visible in the middle, foreground and are Opportunity’s next science target in this photo mosaic taken 2 martian days ago on Sol 2678 (Aug. 6). Opportunity is now less than 400 feet from the foothills of Endeavour Crater and will soon make first landfall at Spirit Point - off to the left. At Endeavour, Opportunity will investigate the oldest minerals deposits she has ever visited from billions of years ago and which may hold clues to environments that were potentially habitable for microbial life. This photo mosaic shows portions of the discontinuous crater rim – Cape Tribulation at right. Mosaic Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell/Marco Di Lorenzo/Kenneth Kremer

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