16 de outubro de 2011

Da necessidade de refletir para além do curto prazo, no país, na região ....

Um irlandês reflecte sobre o futuro do seu país, ou melhor reflete sobre o modo como o seu país deve refletir sobre o seu futuro:

Over the next four years in Ireland, a cottage industry will grow up around the centenary of the 1916 revolution. A manifest achievement of recent years has been the normalisation of our relationship with the United Kingdom. We are also more cognisant of the influence the Church has had on our state. Economically, the ratio of Irish to British GDP is now higher, but the chaotic way in which we have developed mocks the notion of a state in control of its own destiny. Above all else, the most stark contrast between the Ireland of today and that of 1916 can be found in how far we have strayed from the values that we prized then, and how we have serially failed to think strategically about our “august destiny”.

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