18 de outubro de 2011

Uma nota histórica que vem a propósito

George Monbiot é um indignado dos meus. Quando é necessário vai mesmo contra a corrente do politicamente correcto à esquerda: por exemplo, defende a necessidade de recorrer ao nuclear como modo de mitigar os efeitos da emissão de CO2. 

O artigo deve ser lido na totalidade, mas transcrevo aquilo que para mim é novidade, a subsidiação de Herbert Spencer.

Since the late 19th century, the very rich have been paying people to demand less government. The work of Herbert Spencer, for example, was sponsored by Andrew Carnegie, John D Rockefeller and Thomas Edison. Spencer believed that society changed according to evolutionary laws. Humans were evolving towards perfection, but this process was inhibited by interference from the state. By protecting people from the consequences of their own actions (or their own bad luck), it stopped the winnowing process that would otherwise result in the survival of the fittest.
Social security, publicly funded education, compulsory vaccination, laws enforcing safety at work all interrupted social evolution. But a self-regulated free market would swiftly ensure that those who were best adapted would survive and triumph. It's not hard to see why the millionaires loved him. They saw themselves as winners of the evolutionary race, taking their rightful place at the pinnacle of the social order. Any attempt to limit their freedoms would prevent society from achieving perfection. [....]

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