10 de novembro de 2011

"L' Important c'est, non la rose, mais la gouvernance!"

O bold é meu. O artigo de Gros é muito interessante e deve ser lido na totalidade: abaixo são as conclusões. Como em qualquer outra situação existem lições para Portugal, mas existem também diferenças: em termos relativos, e no Sul da Europa, fomos nós que progredimos mais nesse capítulo (ver aqui) - obviamente, isso ainda não é o suficiente.

Growth in modern industrialised economies is a complex process [muita gente ainda não o percebeu]. Italy stands out among its peers as having experienced a ‘lost decade’ although most of the normal growth factors have improved.

Until 2008, the macroeconomic environment was also not challenging, at least not more so than for other Eurozone countries. The only area where there has been a clear deterioration is in the governance of the country.

The available indicators in this respect point to a significant deterioration over the last 10 years. This is one area where a reversal of the trend appears most difficult and it is also an area where external pressure cannot achieve much.

Unfortunately the importance of better governance has not yet fully grasped in the country (and the European institution) and receives little attention in the national political debate.

This implies that it will be difficult to organise a sustained effort to combat corruption, foster adherence to the rule of law, and improve the efficiency of the administration in general. However, progress on these fronts might in the end be more important for growth than the reforms now being imposed by the EU.

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