9 de dezembro de 2011

Ter em muita atenção - algumas qualificações, ou mais precisamente, muitas questões, mas explicitá-las daria muito trabalho

Tim Jackson currently serves as the economics commissioner on the UK government's Sustainable Development Commission and is director of RESOLVE -- the Research group on Lifestyles, Values and Environment. After five years as Senior Researcher at the Stockholm Environment Institute, he bcame the Professor of Sustainable Development at University of Surrey, and was the first person to hold that title at a UK university. He founded RESOLVE in May 2006 as an nter-disciplinary collaborationacross four areas -- CES, psychology, sociology and economics -- aiming to develop an understanding of the links between lifestyle, societal values and the environment.

He is also the author of the influential book Propserity Without Growth. He serves as chair to the 'New Energy Solutions' Advisory Board for Danish investment company BankInvest and is associate researcher on a Templeton Foundation project on 'The Pursuit of Happiness.' Tim is also an award-winning playwright, and his environmental drama The Cry of the Bittern won a Public Awareness of Science Drama Award in 1998. His most recent play, Variations, won the 2007 Grand Prix Marulic and is longlisted for the 2008 Sony Drama award.

PS: Acedendo ao You Tube pode-se ver este vídeo legendado em Português

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