24 de janeiro de 2012


Arctic Temperatures Continue Rapid Rise as 2011 Breaks Record Set in 2010 | ThinkProgress

Record Ice Loss and Tundra Melt Amplify Warming Feedbacks

NASA just (19 January 2012) released data showing that last year temperatures in the Arctic rose beyond the record established in 2010 — setting a new record for 2011. News of the record Arctic temperatures follows a series of alarming developments related to the Arctic in recent months.
The surface temperature anomaly for the region extending from 64N to 90N, from 1880 through 2011, in degrees Centigrade above or below the temperature during the 1951-1980 base period. Temperatures have risen substantially since 1880 and the rate of increase has been especially rapid since the late 1970s. Source: WWF, using data from NASA.

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