3 de março de 2012

Isto é muito interessante...

... é uma reflexão de um russo (daí, talvez, uma das razões para uma perspectiva incomum) sobre a democracia. Abaixo um pequeno excerto, com um bold meu.

[....]These analyses are not wrong so much as peripheral, or, to say it more specifically, derivative of more fundamental causes. The consensus seems to be that the challenge to democratic countries arises from external forces. Little to nothing is said about whether democracy fits the contemporary conditions and internal makeup of Western societies today as well as it fit them twenty, forty or sixty years ago. The truth is that changes within Western societies pose the deepest challenges to liberal democracy, changes so intimate to the lives of Westerners that they disappear mostly unnoticed into the flow of everyday experience. If a fish is really the last to discover water, then perhaps the citizens of liberal democratic countries are the least mindful of the conditions that nourish democratic governance, and the least likely to notice when those conditions change. Indeed, while we recognize readily that some social histories conduce to democracy more than others at any give time, we sometimes forget that changes through time can stress political institutions, democratic ones and others alike.[....]

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