7 de março de 2012

As diferenças entre o sistema de saúde norte-americano e o francês: leitura interessante!

France and U.S. Health Care: Twins Separated at Birth? - Megan McArdle - Business - The Atlantic

By way of introduction, I want to make clear that I have no particular expertise when it comes to healthcare policy. My knowledge is merely that of a layman who follows the news. I'm even well-aware that one of my esteemed co-guest bloggers is Avik Roy, who's one of the most talented health care wonks on the internet, whose work I avidly followed at his previous National Review digs. In fact, this post can be read as an invitation to Avik to enlighten me.

All that being said, from my outlook there's something that I haven't seen discussed and yet seems striking to me: how similar the French and U.S. healthcare systems are. 

On its face, this seems like a preposterous notion: whenever the two are mentioned together, it's to say that they're polar opposites. 

France has been called the best healthcare system in the world by the World Health Organization. And if there's something everyone in the US seems to agree on, it's that US healthcare, well, horribly sucks, although they strongly disagree about why and what to do about it. 

And yet, to me, the similarities are glaring

[continuar a ler, porque a partir daqui é que se torna mesmo interessante...]

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