23 de fevereiro de 2008

Hillary: o adeus?

Bob Herbet faz o balanço da campanha de Hillary Clinton em Hillary on the High Road? - New York Times, e o modo como correu o último debate. Hillary Clinton prepara o adeus para depois de 4 de Março? Parece que sim! Um excerto:

"Senator Clinton’s options are not officially closed. But to have any chance at all, she would need a sudden startling string of prodigious victories against a candidate who is better-financed and riding a tremendous wave of momentum.

At the debate on Thursday night, Senator Clinton, who is 60, passed on a number of opportunities to harshly criticize Senator Obama. She refused to say that he was not ready to serve as the nation’s commander in chief. And she suggested that she does not intend to pursue a ruinous fight for superdelegates at the Democratic convention.

She seemed like someone unwilling to sacrifice her dignity or the interests of her party in an attempt to stave off a likely defeat."

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