17 de março de 2016

Oh, Santo Deus! Martine Le Pen, ofendida por ser comparada a Trump, e não é que a senhora tem razão.

Vale a pena ler o artigo donde retirei este excerto:

" Oh wait, Trump is even too fascist for Marine Le Pen:
Marine Le Pen, for example, has become a poster child for the modern European far right after leading the French National Front to unprecedented success over the past few years. Many see her as the most obvious European counterpart for Trump. And yet, despite their perceived kinship, Le Pen has personally criticized Trump’s proposal to ban almost all Muslims from entering the United States. “Seriously, have you ever heard me say something like that?” Le Pen said during one television interview, according to the New York Times. “I defend all the French people in France, regardless of their origin, regardless of their religion.”
So to all you people who said, “How dare you compare Trump to the National Front.”  I apologize—he’s worse."

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